The society of this Institution consist of self-less, committed set of philanthropists and public spirited citizens and have clear cut Vision and Mission, aiming at improving a lot of common masses. A Managing Committee headed by Shri Rajiv Batra and eminent educationists from different fields manages the college. However, autonomy is given to the college principal to organize and manage the college. The financial and academic advice by the management is given to the Principal from time to time. The committee of the NCTE has also been visiting the college for maintenance of the norms for the professional programmes. The management is very supportive to the development of the college and provides ample encouragement to staff and students.


To spread the light of education unto the hearth and home of the last; to harness and synergise the potential of the youth into nation-building tasks through providing them value-based education and creative life-skills; to strive for excellence and bench marking pedagogical initiatives suitable for new challenges in the emerging order of the contemporary knowledge-driven global society; to humbly contribute in the national efforts of making India a super world power through the medium of higher learning.