The Science and Mathematics resource centre

The Science and Mathematics resource centre of Manohar Memorial College of  Education, Fatehabad is enriched with chemicals and models of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. Students of B.Ed  and D.Ed are enthusiastic and keen to experiment, observe and correlate their learning concepts to practical implementations. It includes sinks, and electrical and gas outlets for 10 workstations. It also includes storage cabinets and drawers to house hands-on instructional material for science and mathematics. It is equipped with safety equipment like a first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher. Student seating chairs are also there that can be arranged according to instructional purpose. This room also includes a computer system with an internet facility.

science lab

Well-equipped resource centre abiding by NCTE guideline

Learning is, implementing theories in the practical field. Models and other materials of this resource centre provide the opportunity for students that how to engage to learn and do inquiry in Science and Mathematics.

It is a well-equipped resource centre abiding by NCTE guidelines. This resource centre facilitates the motto of learning by doing and learning through activities by keeping in mind the interest of students. There are some handmade models and some are readymade.

Teachers use these models for their pedagogical sessions.