Respected Principal Mam,

First of all, thinking you and Kavita mam for inviting me to share my knowledge with your education students. Also, congratulate and appreciate you to conduct such insightful workshops for your students on regular basis. It was really great experience to interact with your students and they participated quite actively. I appreciate you and your faculty members that students are treated as their own children and showered love and care. I also enjoyed the same during the workshop and gave me the feeling that I am taking sessions in presence of students.

So, all the best to your students for future endeavours and also congratulate you to conduct a workshop for your students. I wish to have a lecture session in your college premise some day post-pandemic.


Chandan Kumar Counselor,
Career Expert & Trainer Founder Director CraftUrCareer Educations Pvt Ltd.
(ISO 29993:2017 Certified, Start-Up India recognized & MCA registered)
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It is a matter of immense pleasure for me that Dr.  Janak Mehta, Principal of MM College of Education, Fatehabad invited me to deliver a guest lecture.

I delivered a  lecture on blended learning on 15-05-2021 and it was a great experience for me. I pay my regards to Dr.  Janak Mehta,  she is very cooperative and full of zeal. She is a superb leader who always took initiative for the betterment of the institution and this activity is also a part of that initiative. Dr.  Narender Kumar, in-charge of the IQAC cell and Mr. Balwant Singh in charge of the social studies club who was also very cooperative and helpful.

All the technical arrangements like sending the link and joining of the students were done properly. Students’ participation was also good,  they listened to the lecture attentively. I wish the institution would lead to great heights.


Dr. Ranjeet Singh
Assistant Professor
Shah Satnam Ji College of Education, Sirsa

मैडम डॉक्टर जनक मेहता के साथ हमारा बहुत अच्छा अनुभव रहा 21 जून 7 वे अंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस पर प्रोटोकॉल के अनुसार कॉलेज के स्टूडेंट ऑनलाइन पर अपने-अपने घर पर ही योग करने के लिए जोड़ा गया मैडम जनक जी ने बहुत अच्छा प्रयास किया.

सभी ने दिल लगाकर योग किया और योग दिवस की बधाइयां दी कोविड-19 के दौरान घर-घर योग से स्वस्थ होने का संदेश गया ऑनलाइन बहुत ही अच्छी व्यवस्था की गई सभी को ऐसा महसूस हुआ कि सभी बच्चे व अध्यापक ऑफलाइन ही योग कर रहे हैं.

हम सब योग के इंस्ट्रक्टर डॉक्टर जनक मेहता के सराहनीय कार्य की प्रशंसा करते हैं और उनका धन्यवाद करते हैं कि उन्होंने योग का प्रचार प्रसार किया

Manju Chopra
Distt. Coordinator Patanjali Yog Samiti Women Wing,

Dear mam,

I have really liked the way this workshop has been conducted. It was such an interactive session. Thank you for giving us the opportunity, looking more collaboration with your college.

Thank you

MGNCRE Ministry of Education Government of India

Respected Principal ma’am

Hope you are well, Here I send before you some feedback points about fine art online workshop organised on 25 June 2021

1. It was great experience with your all B.Ed students.

2. I received positive response from your all students.

3. Around 100 numbers students attended the session.

4. It’s great to organise your college this workshop it’s good for all B. Ed students and thanks for you to select me as a resource person. Hope you and your all students like my workshop session, specially thanks to you fine art department and technical support.


Abhimanyu Soni