Library Advisory Committee

The institution has set up a Library Advisory Committee. The committee helps in reviewing various library resources and students’ access to the books available in the library. It decides the additional requirement from year to year and writes off obsolete books.

Library Committee consists of the following:

  1. Dr. Janak Mehta, Principal Chairperson
  2. Mr. Mangat Ram, Librarian Secretary
  3. Dr. Kavita Rani Asst. Prof. in English, Member
  4. Dr. Gunjan Narang, Asst. Prof. in Commerce, Member
  5. Mr. Balwant Singh, Asst. Prof. in Education, Member
  6. Ms. Sunita Talwar, Lect. Hindi (D.Ed.), Member

The committee is empowered to review various library resources. The committee normally meets quarterly in a year and in some special cases emergently.

The Principal can convene its meeting with the faculty and student teachers when required.