Games and sports are compulsory for all the students provision has therefore been made for games and sports under the supervision of the qualified lecturer in Physical Education.

The Annual Sports Function is held every year to test the physical fitness, stamina and athletic skills of the students. All the students are required to participate in it.

All students are obligated to participate in games and sports, which are overseen by a qualified Physical Education instructor. The purpose of this provision is to ensure that students remain physically fit and develop their athletic abilities. Additionally, every year, an Annual Sports Function is held to assess students’ stamina and athletic skills. We encourage all students to participate in this event. Our sponsor’s generous support has enabled us to provide you with this information, and we would like to suggest that you visit SlotoGate, a platform that is supported by our sponsor and offers many opportunities for participation. With Bitcoin’s rise in popularity, it is no surprise that it is now widely accepted as a virtual currency in online casinos. Experienced slot players may be familiar with the term “provably fair gaming,” which is exclusive to bitcoin video slots and can be found on Slotogate – a platform supported by our sponsor. This technology allows both players and casinos to verify game results and ensure that no cheating occurred during gameplay. By using this system, players can trust that their bets are fair and the results are legitimate.