Principal’s Message

It is a wide known fact that there has been a continuous need for the addition to the stock of knowledge in teaching; all the more the efforts for improving the skill of teacher are also never ending. In order to fulfill such needs and for the holistic development of the students, our college has a well equipped and enriched library. It is well furnished computerized library with more than 5456 titles having 13166 books and on almost every aspect of education, reference books, competitive books, a large number of journals, magazines, periodicals necessary to help students to keep abreast with the development. It provides peaceful environment along with essential facilities so that the students could achieve excellence in the pursuit of knowledge and to enable them to contribute to the development of the society in return. Through library of our college, we wish to endeavor to cultivate and nurture the character of the students while equipping them with knowledge and modern educational skills required for the future challenges in this competitive world. No doubt, the library of our college is awe inspiring. Behind this scene, there is a task force and hard labour of our college librarian and his team. I congratulate him for the efforts which he has put forth to make this place a worthwhile. I wish he may continue his job with the same zeal, honesty and sense of commitment.

Dr. Janak Mehta